· Hawaii (GMT -10:00)
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Cyber attacks have wide reaching impacts to local organizations ranging from monetary loss, supply chain disruption, brand reputation damage, and identity fraud. We’ll take a look at real world examples of incidents that have impacted organizations and discuss steps your business can take to improve your security posture to address today’s cybersecurity threats.

Recommended for: All businesses in Hawaii
Director, Business Services and Cloud Architecture | CISSP at CBTS Hawaiian Telcom
Marc oversees cybersecurity, networking, cloud, and infrastructure cabling professional services teams providing advanced engineering and consultative services to Hawaii. Marc has worked in the Federal, State, and private sectors to protect against cybersecurity threats and improve business technology. He appreciates opportunities to share his knowledge and experience with the Hawaii community and beyond.
Principal Architect, Security | CISSP at CBTS Hawaiian Telcom
Michael has extensive experience in Cyber Security Operations and Compliance. In this role, he has implemented administrative and technical security controls to help many local businesses increase their Cyber Security posture. He has also introduced technical methods and training to promote better communication between technical staff and end users.