About This Webinar
This is the first session of our 2-part series on Employment Standards. Understanding the Employment Standards Act is essential for employers in British Columbia. Regardless of an individual’s role within the organization, a fundamental understanding of the rights and obligations under the Act can minimize exposure and build trust between management and staff.

Participants will be provided an overview of the key provisions of the Employment Standards Act with a focus on recent amendments to legislation. Special emphasis will be placed on real-world scenarios, including the mistakes commonly made by employers and the frequently asked questions Harris’ Employment lawyers field.
  • Provisions of the Employment Standards Act, including what types of position are partially or fully excluded from the Act
  • Best practices for managing risk and avoiding complaints
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    Nicole Toye
    Nicole frequently advises clients on a wide range of employment issues, including employment contracts, terminations, wrongful dismissals, constructive dismissals and human rights issues. In particular, Nicole has an interest in employment contracts and has extensive experience drafting employment contracts and advising on contractual issues.
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    Alyssa Paez
    Alyssa represents public and private sector employers on employment, labour and human rights matters. She advises clients on employment issues, including wrongful dismissals and employment contracts. Alyssa has also assisted employers in resolving labour disputes in unionized environments.