This year’s HTEC Conference is “Preparing the Next Generation of Leaders”. It begs the question, if we are to prepare the next generation, what should the learning objectives include? Should we be looking backwards at manufacturing processes or should we only be looking forward? How do I decide what topics are relevant to my institution and our geographic employer partners?

I will take a look at what learning objectives are crucial to prepare our current students in the field of CNC machining and manufacturing. The primary focus will be on relevant job skills to empower our students to have an impact in the rapidly evolving CNC machining field. Looking too far in the past, or too far in the future can both have negative outcomes for the current work force. The focus will be on current skills and technologies that will drive our students through the 4th Industrial Revolution.

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    Rick Calverley
    Director of Education
    CNC Machining and Manufacturing Technology
    Lincoln Technical College
    Grand Prairie, TX USA