OEE, ERP,MES, IIOT, Industry 4.0 – What do these acronyms really mean in manufacturing operations and in the context of what you and your students will experience in the workforce?

Join Bijal Patel, BSME,MBA, in a technical discussion and presentation of what industry is using now, how to include it into your programs, what you can expect to see in the area of digital machining, machine operations monitoring, operations planning, machine productivity and the manufacturing value chain from a practical and academic perspective. Bijal holds his degrees from NC State University and has over 10 years engineering experience in production, including with the Sandvik Coromant Mebane, North Carolina facility.

Bijal will share insights on this subject, actual demonstrations of some of these tools and systems in practice as well as provide complimentary access to systems and tools you can use now, with your students on a complimentary basis.

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