This talk will introduce the capstone program at Clemson University and discuss multiple mechanical engineering capstone projects to illustrate the diverse range of design challenges undertaken by senior undergraduate students and the creative solutions they developed, for various industry sponsored projects. The examples discussed will include projects which emphasize the role of CNC machining in various stages of design cycle, in particular, design of a flexible fixture for machining of turbine blades, and design of a foam cutter, along with other projects that demonstrate diverse range of manufacturing problems the capstone projects can solve, such as, the problem of water tunnel specimen mounting and measuring, design of a tennis ball canister recycling system to name a few.

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    Geetha Chimata
    Mechanical Engineering
    Clemson University
    Greenville, SC USA
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    Tim Guggisberg
    Clinical Assistant Professor
    Mechanical Engineering
    Clemson University
    Clemson, SC USA