Every year millions of students feel the pressure of applying to four year colleges. Many students, parents, and educators believe a four year College education is the only way for students to find future success. The assumption is that if you do not attend a four year college and enter a career it is because you lack the intelligence to succeed in College. It is time to change the narrative.

As we see a shift in our current economy and the costs of colleges on the rise each year, student loan debt is playing a significant role in the lives of so many. What happened to Vocational Education? Vocational training can lead to career opportunities, high salaries, job security and valuable skills.

The Trades are creating many new jobs, and will be a significant factor in sustaining our economic growth in these uncertain times. In this workshop, you will hear directly from a High School Principal and School Counselors on how this Top 2000 High School has made the shift. Worth a discussion?

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    Aaron Hopmayer
    Pine Bush High School
    Pine Bush, NY USA
  • 1626191992-bef7f7921fbc93a4
    Lauren Cummings
    Counseling Department Chair
    Pine Bush High School
    Pine Bush, NY USA
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    Kristen Schlageter
    Pine Bush High School
    Pine Bush, NY USA