This session will start with a few words from the HTEC Council President, Alex Barnhill on our year in review and the conference thus far.

The Council President will begin 2022 HTEC Council nominations for each position on the council, namely Vice President, Secretary, and three each Representatives from High School, Community or Technical College and University. These nominations will be recorded, and a vote will be held in the second business meeting (Wednesday, July 21st).

In final, Alex will introduce the 2023 HTEC Hosting Bids which were submitted to the HTEC Council. Each Bid Presentation will be played for the audience so that a vote may be held in the second business meeting (Wednesday, July 21st). You will also get a sneak preview of the upcoming 2022 HTEC CNC Educators Conference, planned for Tennessee College of Applied Technologies, Smynra which is in Murfreesboro, TN!

It is imperative that all HTEC members attend both business meetings. We ask you to join us so that you can be a part of selecting the HTEC Council as your 2022 representatives, and the 2023 hosting location which we hope to see each of you attend.

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  • Nominations for 2022 HTEC Council
  • HTEC 2022 Host Teaser Video
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  • 1625106913-e9e9ec8334604766
    Brian Cummings
    Department Head & HTEC Vice President
    Advanced Manufacturing Department
    Worcester Tech High School
    Worcester, MA USA
  • 1619496331-95bd0d864e44605d
    Alex Barnhill
    Department Chair & HTEC Council President
    Applied Engineering Technologies
    Nash Community College
  • 1625106924-21a2c5f458e7eb3a
    Trian Georgeou
    Lecturer & HTEC Council Secretary
    Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering
    California Polytechnic State University
    San Luis Obispo, CA USA