Emma will discuss why self compassion is so important and how it is closely intertwined with self esteem. We will discover all about the approval Trap and the Feedback Paradox and how we can cultivate self compassion through daily practices.
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    Emma Bell
    Coach, Author, Resilience Expert
    Emma Bell was formerly a top-level partner in Scotland's largest law firm. Whilst in that role, Emma combines her passion for personal development and business by becoming a resilience coach – and has continued to support business leaders to achieve personal potential for over seventeen years. Research now shows that resilience is a skill that can be developed in all of us. In light of that research Emma set out to discover what the key resilience strategies are that enable us to thrive, rather than simply survive in the face of challenge or trauma. Emma has travelled over 35,000 miles and interviewed 50 ‘Thrivers’ who have faced challenges of all kinds – and the surprising truth is that there is a ‘resilience blueprint’ we can all apply to thrive, every day.
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    Annie Tibbit