How better financial management can help you serve more people and raise more money!

Join Stephen King, CEO + CPA with over 35 years of Nonprofit financial management experience, as he shares the formula to help you run better, grow faster and raise more money.

Nonprofits are harder to run than for-profits (and the pandemic made it even harder!) Having done both, King knows firsthand the importance of having accurate data and actionable reporting for better decision-making.

King shares the step-by-step method, with real stories of how it works from organizations he has helped over the past 35 years.

Learn the FIVE steps every Nonprofit needs to get alignment in their organization & the board thinking strategically.
  • Step 1: Which OUTCOMES best further the mission
  • Step 2: Analyze the ECONOMICS
  • Step 3: Make Big Decisions with DATA
  • Step 4: Revise the PLAN
  • Step 5: Raise more MONEY
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    Stephen King
    CPA CGMA, CEO GrowthForce
    Steve spent seven years working for Amnesty International USA. There he spent four years as Chief Financial Officer managing the organization’s 300% growth after U2, Bruce Springsteen and Peter Gabriel completed the Human Rights Now! tour and then honed his fundraising skills as its Director of Development, raising over $20M a year.

    His time at Amnesty reinforced Steve’s life-long commitment to giving back to the community through charitable causes. He has been a dedicated board member of many nonprofit organizations, helping them with their finances and fundraising.