Water ingress and condensation can become major issues for building owners and managers when left unchecked, particularly in hot weather when the damp, warm conditions create a perfect environment for mould growth.

Attend this seminar to learn how dampness and mould can impact your building assets and the health of occupants. Presented by workplace health and hygiene risk management experts, Dr Michael Taylor (Principal Consultant / Mycologist) and Cedric Cheong (Senior Consultant) from Greencap, this seminar will discuss where water ingress and ventilation issues can exacerbate mould problems, and present available solutions for pre-emptive and proactive management of mould and dampness.

Special guest presenter, David Whitbread from McMahons, will detail a recent mould remediation case study to highlight the importance and cost benefits of adopting early intervention and pre-emptive management.
Tue, Feb 9, 2021 · 12:00 PM Melbourne (GMT +11:00)
Dr Michael Taylor
Principal Consultant / Mycologist - Greencap
Dr Michael Taylor is a Principal Consultant at Greencap with an academic background in public and environmental health, microbial ecology, and mycology. He has a research profile in the detection and spread of microbial pathogens in soil, air, water and constructed environments, and extensive experience in the translation of research results into accessible information for stakeholders and peers. He has consulted for and worked collaboratively with large utilities, local governments, statutory authorities, industry, and private clients to provide advice on human health risks following exposure to potentially pathogenic microorganisms.

Regarding COVD-19, Dr. Taylor has provided interpretation and application of World Health Organisation and Centre for Disease Control documents to provide advice for the safe handling and disinfection of critical medical service supplies, provided recommendations and gap analyses in virus management plans for power utility operators, and advised on suitable and effective cleaning processes with demonstrated anti-viral efficacy.
Cedric Cheong
Senior Consultant - OCHYG & IEQ
Cedric has worked in the fields of indoor air quality, hygiene investigation, risk assessment and management. With over 20 year’s industry experience in building investigations, air quality analysis and report writing Cedric has undertaken many hundreds of investigations, many related to compliance and post remediation validation. Cedric has worked both as a lecturer and senior consultant in the field of environmental, air quality and contaminant management. Cedric is a well credentialed researcher with more than 60 publications many focused on building investigations.
David Whitbread
Facilities Operations Manager,McMahon Services
David is an IICRC Certified Microbial Remediation and Water Damage Restoration practitioner with over 30 years’ experience in the commercial building and construction industry. David’s current role is Facilities Operations, servicing clients from Defence, Health & Education and other Government departments.

In his current role with McMahon Services, David has undertaken and delivered multiple water restoration and microbial remediation projects delivering positive outcomes for clients by returning buildings to their pre-event condition, while upholding and maintaining strict health, safety and quality standards.