About This Webinar
This webinar will provide a tour of use cases related to Smart Manufacturing (often termed Industry 4.0) as well as the related topic of monitoring remote assets - applicable to manufacturing solutions as well as the energy, utility and other sectors.

We will revisit the fact that IoT is not about technology, it’s about building better businesses and use cases will back this up with real-world experience.
  • IoT - it’s not about technology, it’s about building better businesses
  • What does IoT attempt to achieve?
  • Use cases and potential AWS solutions including hard to reach assets or machines, shop floor machinery, production line comparisons, inbound supply chain, in factory supply chain consumables, parts and product, workers and outbound product
  • COVID - distancing, equipment cleaning, remote access and monitoring
  • How to guide for your business - building a business case and IoT Design Sprint
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    Jonathan Custance
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    James Green