The industry loves Kubernetes and containers. There's no denying that. According to the 2021 Kubernetes Adoption Report, DevOps teams have doubled down on their K8s usage in the past year alone.

But, with the growth in demand and scale, teams are now facing new challenges that come with this territory. From underutilization of CPU and memory to rising container costs, optimization of these environments has now become a necessity.

Granulate provides real-time continuous optimization in dynamic containerized or Kubernetes environments. By leveraging continuous OS-level adaptations, Granulate automatically creates a streamlined environment, enabling companies to improve performance metrics and reduce compute costs by 40-60% with no R&D efforts or code changes.

More on the agenda:
  • Harnessing automation and OS-level resource management optimization to simplify and improve Kubernetes performance
  • Leveraging continuous profiling to reduce CPU utilization and optimize production environments
  • Reducing costs without compromising on performance and scale

Details About the Webinar

Cost: Free

Join the Granulate team in one of our daily live sessions and learn how real-time continuous optimization enables companies and teams leveraging Kubernetes and containerized environments to improve their performance metrics and reduce infrastructure costs by 40-60% in days, and with no code changes or R&D overhead.

About the Speakers

1633693860-b5dc49776044134a Itay Gershon
Solution Engineer

1632480542-f63ce67cd8c89e30 Bar Yochai Shaya
Director of Solution Engineering

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