Bring Services Back Online - Manage Risks & Issues with free-to-use SM4.0
Join this session for a demo of a FREE to use tool (SM4.0) Methods has created to help councils manage bringing services back online post Covid 19. Many councils are using multiple spreadsheets to manage risks and issues, down to technology and service level components. This potentially does not give a view of the wider picture.

SM4.0 lets you conveniently manage these processes across the organisation, drilling down to view the specific Risks & Issues that need to be addressed before bringing a service back online. SM4.0 engages multiple permission-based users to provide a real-time and comprehensive view of the status of all services.
Jason Lee
Technical Consultant
A highly focused technical consultant and lead developer with over 18 years’ experience of web content management systems and developing applications for the public and private sector.
Matt Culpin
Local Government Practice, Methods
Matt has over twenty years of experience in Digital Transformation (DX), advising both the public and private sectors affecting positive change in large segments of society. The solutions he leads on enable inherently new types of innovation and creativity, rather than simply enhancing and supporting traditional methods.
Nick Hill
Host, LocalGovDigital LOCKDOWN
Creator of Public Sector Forums, #channelshiftcamp, Public Sector Customer Services Forum & Event Maker @ LocalGovDigital
This webinar will show you…
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    A demo of our FREE SM4.0 tool
    This service management system helps councils manage bringing services back online post COVID-19.
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    What we've learned
    Several of our local authority customers are managing the risks and issues around statuses of services in multiple spreadsheets.
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    What our tool provides
    Our tool provides a single way of managing this across the whole organisation with a simple FREE to use tool.