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We all know that prevention is better than a cure - and in a dynamic airport environment, adjusting plans proactively is far more efficient than battling unexpected issues as they arise.

From mitigating overflow and crowding to smoothing journeys across the airport, predictions and holistic decision-making can take airports from ‘react and respond’ to ‘proactive and optimal’.

…But how to get there?

Join our live webinar for an in-depth look at how understanding the impact of localised decisions on the entire airport ecosystem can improve everything from crowd management to resourcing, revenue and off-block times.

You will learn:

• What building intelligent airports really means

• How to prioritise the steps and components necessary for becoming an intelligent airport

• How combining data, prediction, and proactive decision-making can lead to continuous improvements

• How to understand the contextual and holistic impacts of airport-wide decisions

• Real-life examples of how leading airports are putting their data to work today and the benefits seen.
General Manager, Passenger Predictability, Veovo
Peter works with some of the world’s busiest transit hubs and airports to ensure they have the best data-driven insight to plan and optimise customer experiences. Peter has over 20 years of experience developing people flow monitoring and analytics solutions.
The world’s most innovative airports rely on Veovo to optimize capacity, build resilient operations, maximize revenue and deliver brilliant customer experiences. Veovo is designed to suit operators´ challenges and strategic priorities. Our AI-powered platform connects people, systems and sensors across the ecosystem to provide instant situational awareness. With smart automation and intelligent recommendations, our solutions perfects the way forward, delivering brilliant outcomes in every situation. Veovo is headquartered in London, UK, with our 110 airport customers supported by teams in the US, New Zealand, Poland and Denmark.

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