"Creating a middle ground between the traditional worlds of automated tape lamination and fiber placement was the goal of creating the Fives Lund Slalom technology. Utilize the benefits of both worlds while also creating a lamination process that could respect lamination quality for flat and contoured parts. The biggest challenge besides the design of this equipment is getting people to think differently about tape lamination.
Topics to be presented on the Fives Lund Slalom will cover machine configurations and target part geometries, benefits to lamination speed and quality, and miss conceptions of laminate boundary crenulations.
By designing a machine that breaks down into individual lanes of 1.5-inch tape a machine can be configured for many different configurations to optimize the laydown process for specific part families. From long flat skinny parts (stringers and spars) to large contoured parts (skins and fuselage), Fives Lund Slalom machines can be tailored to an application with common tape laying equipment and processes. This flexible per lane configuration also allows for offline maintenance and material replenishment to create a more utilized lamination process.
With properly managed tape within each lane the lamination speeds have approached rates that no other machine has seen. Being able to restart, lay, and cut during very high speeds and accelerations with a consistent compaction process creates not only high laydown rates but consistent part lamination quality (bulk).
A 1.5-inch tape format lies in the open region between ½-inch fiber and 3-inch tape. Because the cuts are all square like fiber lamination the ply boundaries will have crenulations that composite part engineers and part qualification teams need to become comfortable with. This remains one of the biggest hurdles in adopting the Fives Lund Slalom technology.
It has been proven that this technology can be a game changer for composites lamination. We will present the details via a PowerPoint and demonstration videos"

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