About This Webinar
Join us for one of our favorite classes as we dive into gnocchi!

In this class we'll learn about the history, how to select the perfect ingredients to make your own gnocchi at home, taste, and get your hands dirty!

Chef Katie will demonstrate how to make gnocchi paired with a delicious brown butter and sage sauce! Try your hand at learning the technique, and after this class you will know how to make well crafted gnocchi for your friends and family!


Class Details

• Discover the history of gnocchi and learn about the different regional variations of the dish

• Make your own fresh gnocchi

• Receive Chef Katie's handmade gnocchi recipe

• You will be actively cooking and preparing food for most of the class

• Classes are 1.5 hours, unless otherwise noted

• You will receive a coupon good for $5 off online purchases at gloriosos.com

• You will be emailed the link to the webinar, your virtual coupon, a link to the recipe handout, and your webinar receipt once you register.

Tools You Will Need:

spider or slotted spoon
medium pot
saute pan
gnocchi board
mixing bowl
potato ricer
chefs knife

Please Prep the Following Items Before Class Starts

Premeasure all ingredients
Have all cookware and tools ready
Bake Potato and keep warm for start of class

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    Katie Simpson
    A graduate of the world-class Culinary Institute of America, Chef Katie has spent most of her career developing recipes as well as product development. Her experience includes crafting and facilitating training sessions as well as creating innovative recipes for large corporate baking companies. When living in New York, she would spend her time in Little Italy, tasting, learning, and taking notes, learning as much as possible about the cuisine and applying that knowledge to create amazing pastries and cakes.

    Baking is her specialty, and she provides Appetito with wonderful classes that range from traditional Italian cookies to mastering the different forms of polenta to making fresh pasta to perfection. Food is her life, and she loves sharing it with everyone.