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Has the latest federal guidance on Zero Trust left you with questions? You may be wondering:

  • What does a Zero Trust Strategy really mean for my organization?

  • What federal mandates am I required to meet?

  • Where and how do I get started building a Zero Trust Strategy?

Trellix’s Zero Trust Strategy Virtual Forum answers these questions and more. During the event, you can expect to:

  • Explore the critical visibility that Zero Trust Strategy requires across endpoints, email, network traffic, cloud security, data security, and more.

  • Hear expert Zero Trust Strategy insights from guest speaker, Forrester’s Sr. Analyst, Heath Mullins.

  • Engage with Trellix speakers as they dive deeply into current government mandates and how data protection is at the core of your Zero Trust Strategy.

  • See first-hand how the AI-powered Trellix XDR Platform complements a robust Zero Trust Strategy, delivering unparalleled visibility with native security controls and third-party integrations.


  • Welcome and Introductions

  • Zero-Trust's Ongoing Significance

  • Compliance for a Zero Trust Strategy, Including the Executive Order and CCRI Inspections

  • Key Technologies for Compliance: XDR and DLP

  • Q&A and Closing Remarks

  • Forum Ends

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Guest Speaker | Senior Analyst - Forrester
Heath Mullins is a senior analyst at Forrester, advising security and risk (S&R) professionals and government agencies about cybersecurity topics like building resilient infrastructure, preventing threats, and implementing Zero Trust. His research focuses on US government cybersecurity strategy, network analysis and visibility (NAV), secure web gateway (SWG), deception technology, deception technology, and Zero Trust edge (ZTE).
Strategic Solutions Architect - Trellix
Christie Karrels has more than 20 years of cyber security experience at industry-leading technology companies. She is a Strategic Solutions Architect for Trellix, representing the Department of Defense and other national security programs. In past roles, she was previously a Sales Engineer for the large telecommunications and Department of Defense services.

Since joining Trellix in 2009, Christie has continued to lead the cyber efforts for DOD customers and protect the US's infrastructure.
Global Solutions Architect - Trellix
Gus Arias has over 20+ years of Cybersecurity experience ranging from operations, implementation, malware analysis, architecture and design for endpoint, network, and cloud technologies. He currently holds multiple industry certifications, including CISSP, CSSK, ITL v3, and Network and Penetration Testing Certifications.