About this Webinar
The Professional Branding Webinare series will help you to pick your way through the concept of professional branding, developing and refining your own brand, and choosing tools and tactics that allow you to present yourself to current and future employers in an authentic and effective way.
Note each Webinar will focus on a specific topic and you will fully benefit from the learnings by attending all 4 sessions.
  • 8-Apr Session #1 Self Discovery - Know what you have to offer and what is important to you by taking stock of your values, strengths, behaviours
  • 15-Apr Session #2 Developing Your Brand - Clearly Articulate your values, describe your career goals and write your story
  • 22-Apr Session #3 Promoting your brand - Identify your target audience, demonstrate your personal brand in day-to-day interactions
  • 29-Apr Session #4 Putting all together - Learnings review, personal roadmap
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    James Adeleke
    James Adeleke is CEO of Generation Success. He is an accomplished and talented professional, with compelling success running not-for-profit organisations and with a passion for Inclusion, Learning and Development aspects of HR. Proven track record of successfully overseeing operations, managing HR processes and maintaining business performance.

    An influential leader and team player that has the ability to motivate, educate and bridge the gap to achieve results by building long-term and mutually beneficial internal & external stakeholder relationships.

    He thrives on motivating others, building productive relationships and creating effective strategies to support the success of stakeholders with whom he works with.
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    Max Comuzzi
    Project Director and Career Coach with 32 years of international experience as a leader in major corporates. My coaching approach is experienced based and highly interactive, focusing on the whole person around body, mind, spirit and emotions.