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Coatings analysis with XRF is a long-established practice for verifying the thickness and composition of coatings for a range of industries. It is known for being a reliable and easy technique, and users are generally accustomed to the routine nature of operating this type of analyzer. However, the routine comfort of this instrument over time may result in a lack of appropriate care and attention to the operation of an XRF—which can potentially lead to poor measurements. In this webinar, Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science will return to the basics to help you understand your XRF, including how the technology works, how to ensure your analyzer is in proper working condition, and how to handle situations to affect results. They will also offer strategies to improve your XRF testing program.

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  • Understand how your XRF works
  • Understand how your parts can affect results
  • Learn top tips for keeping your XRF in good condition
  • Learn how to improve your testing program
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    Matt Kreiner
    Product Manager - Coatings Analysis Products
    Matt Kreiner is Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science's product manager for their coatings analysis product line. In his current role he focuses globally on Hitachi's coatings customers, across numerous industries, to find new solutions to the challenges they face in their everyday work environment. He has eighteen years of experience working with XRF technology, starting his career as an applications engineer, and has held many different roles within the organization. Matt resides in Chicago and holds a B.S. in chemical engineering from Northwestern University.