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Water-based (WB) mold release agents first appeared in the early 1990s in response to the Montreal Protocol to remove ozone-depleting raw materials. The performance of those early WB products did not match the performance of their solvent-based (SB) counterparts. Issues included mold transfer contamination, having to heat cure the WB release agents, poor cosmetics and limited number of multiple releases. Chem-Trend now has a complete line of WB cleaners, primers, sealers and release agents that have equal performance to their SB offsets, while offering more benefits.

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  • 1. WB products for multiple release
  • 2. WB products offering room temperature cure
  • 3. WB products that limit transfer, making cleaning easier
  • 4. WB products for infusion molding applications
  • 5. VOC reduction and safety benefits
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    Russ Powers
    Industry Technical Manager, Composites & Aerospace
    Russ Powers has more than 30 years of experience in the mold release industry. He started in sales, where he called on several different industries; this has given him a broad experience and knowledge of many molding applications. He is currently the industry technical manager for composites and aerospace for Chem-Trend. His focus is helping Chem-Trend grow its market share in the aerospace and wind industry.