About this Webinar
System balance plays an important role in the optimization of an injection molding process and can be the limiting factor in the production of high-quality parts from every cavity. In this webinar, Husky will present the process fundamentals of system and hot runner balance and its impact on mold qualification. They will look at the factors that enable well-designed balanced hot runners as well as the causes of unbalanced systems. Attendees will learn about the factors that influence short shot balance, how to measure system balance and how to set system balance expectations based on specific applications.

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  • • The impact of system and hot runner balance on part quality
  • • The causes of unbalanced hot runner systems and short shot parts
  • • The procedure for measuring system balance
  • • The impact of application specifics on system and hot runner balance expectations
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    Sheldon Alexander
    Hot Runners & Controllers Business Manager
    Sheldon has over 20 years of global industry experience, travelling the world to help optimize injection molding applications for customers in over 40 countries. He has experience managing highly-skilled teams across many functions in the injection molding value chain and holds several technical patents in the industry with specific expertise in hot runners.