About This Webinar
We all cringe when we hear the unexpected news that the machine is down. In today's manufacturing world, the need for reliable and repeatable equipment is a must. Being profitable requires a strategy to maintain uninterrupted production. Injection molding machines and automation are complex and need continuous monitoring and care to meet a high level of performance. Both well-established and cutting-edge techniques can be deployed to ensure the equipment can produce on-time all the time. Let's get together and make a plan.

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  • Use of data and information to predict and prevent unscheduled downtime
  • A comprehensive, customized preventive maintenance strategy
  • Simple, daily checks not to overlook to measure the current state of equipment
  • Fluid analysis and inspection of failed items
John Wiley
Business Development Manager
John Wiley is a retired U.S. Army veteran. He attended the University of Akron, while at the same time completed a skilled trades course. For the past 34 years, John has been involved with the care and maintenance of production equipment at both the production and OEM levels. More recently, his primary role has been customer care and providing goods and services to support a highly efficient production environment. John has expertise in the use of both preventive and predictive maintenance. Wiley currently holds the position of Business Development Manager in the Customer Service Division of ENGEL Machinery.