Join SolidCAM for this webinar on how to unleash the power of CNC machines with iMachining 2D and 3D.

In this webinar, SolidCAM will show you how to have a major improvement in the performance of any CNC machine — using any cutting tool — with iMachining. You will see how you can reduce your programming and machining time dramatically with iMachining. You will also learn how the patented iMachining Technology Wizard provides automatic, optimal feeds and speeds while also ensuring success on your first part.

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  • iMachining handling of varying cutting angles and feeds
  • The unique iMachining Technology Wizard
  • Physics behind extended tool life
  • Best practices on handling of small tools
  • How iMachining reduces thermal- and force-induced stress
  • How every shop can profit from iMachining
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    Ken Merritt
    Director, Special CAM Projects
    Recognized as an accomplished, technical expert in CAM, Ken brings high-end technical capability, product innovation as well as exceptional training and support skills. As a CNC trainer and product manager — and having extensive knowledge of how technology is best leveraged in the workplace — Ken has an incredible background and skillset aimed at making SolidCAM customers more successful and more profitable.
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