About This Webinar
In this presentation, Conair will discuss how desiccant is used along with heaters and blowers to reduce the moisture content within plastic resin. Matt Shope will talk about energy efficiency, dryer design and best practices for drying resin using a desiccant dryer. Conair will also discuss other non-desiccant drying technology including compressed air and vacuum.

Another key component of any drying system is the resin hopper. Conair will also explain the importance of hopper design, sizing, optimum capacity, insulation, temperature zones and energy efficiency, plus how to know if you're having drying issues within the hopper and how some hoppers leave a gaping hole in the drying process.

This presentation will also explain the most recent developments in drying technology from Conair.

This informative presentation is perfect for processors who utilize resin drying as part of their daily routine.

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  • Desiccant dryers: how they work and best designs
  • Energy efficiency and non-desiccant drying (vacuum, compressed air)
  • Reducing moisture content in plastics (dew point)
  • The importance of the resin drying hopper design, proper sizing and optimum hopper capacity
  • Hopper temperature zones and insulation: how it all impacts energy efficiency
Matt Shope
Director of Engineering
Director of Engineering Matt Shope joined Conair in June 2015. Working in new product development and sustainment engineering for over 20 years, he has gained experience in a variety of industries from the concept phase through to production support. Before coming to Conair, to lead the engineering team, Matt established and managed a large engineering group at Honeywell (formerly Vocollect) designing body-worn computers and headsets for industrial voice recognition applications. Now, Matt is charged with building and developing Conair's diverse engineering team at all sites. He holds a B.S. in mechanical engineering from Penn State University and an M.S. in engineering science from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.