In this webinar, we will discuss the practical aspects of mechanical testing for composite coupons. We’ll cover a range of topics, including what to look out for when selecting a testing machine; a review of various types of grips and how to achieve, maintain, and verify alignment; how to install and use some common composite test fixtures, advice for testing at non-ambient temperatures, and techniques for measuring strain for a variety of test types.

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  • How to Select a Testing Machine for Composites Testing
  • How to Grip Coupons Correctly
  • How to Install and Use Composite Test Fixtures
  • How to Test at Non-Ambient Temperatures
  • How to Measure Strain
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    Composites Market Manager
    Ian McEnteggart has a Physics degree from Birmingham University and works for Instron in the UK as Composites Market Manager. Over a forty-two-year career, at Instron, he has been responsible for developing electronic controllers, software and transducers, including video extensometers and DIC systems, for material testing applications. He has published several articles on materials testing technology. In the field of composites, he is active in the development of international standards for materials testing and is chair of the BSI PRI/42 Composites standards committee. He manages Instron’s range of testing fixtures, software and systems for composite testing and provides technical support for Electromechanical testing system sales in Europe.
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