With a hexavalent phase-out being proposed on the West Coast and nationwide PFAS regulatory focus intensifying on Capitol Hill, it's now a matter of when—not if—decorative applicators will have to make the switch from hexavalent to trivalent chromium plating. Being prepared will be the key to success and equipping yourself with knowledge in advance is critical. No matter where you fall in your readiness to switch, this webinar will offer beneficial information for decorative platers, OEMs, tier suppliers, engineers and others who understand the decorative plating industry is shifting now and getting ahead of it is the best option.

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  • Examine the history and longevity of trichrome
  • Explore current and pending regulations
  • In-depth comparison of hexavalent, trivalent and trivalent with reclaim in regards to performance, color and cost
  • Presentation of case study
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    Mark Schario, CEF
    Executive Vice President
    Mark Schario serves as executive vice president of Columbia Chemical. He has over 30 years of experience in the surface finishing industry and functions as the company's top liason to the automotive industry. He is chairman of the ASTM B08.10 committee on test methods for metallic and inorganic coatings. Widely regarded as the expert on trivalent chrome, Schario travels worldwide to provide comprehensive training and oversight on hexavalent to trivalent conversions and decorative line installations. He is a member of NASF and has earned the industry designation of certified electroplater-finisher (CEF). He holds an Executive MBA from Case Western Reserve University.