For many years, the machine tool industry's approach to clamping work pieces has been the same: soft/vise jaws that take time and money to create, set up, change and store. When each machined part requires its own unique soft jaw, a significant amount of effort and resources go into just preparing the workholding. Faced with workholding needs of its own, Norgren asked the question: what if there's a better way?

Adaptix was designed by the Norgren Workholding team to hold virtually any part and to eliminate the inefficiencies of traditional soft/vise jaws through multiple levels of adaptability. First introduced in 2021, Adaptix has since evolved from a concept into a functionally robust workholding solution that can help save you time, money and storage space. Join this webinar to hear about the evolution of Adaptix, to see it in action, and to get a grip on the future of workholding.

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  • Review of inefficiencies in the current vise workholding environment (i.e. soft jaws)
  • The story behind the adaptable soft jaw
  • Potential use cases for Adaptix and efficiencies it can provide
  • Adaptable soft jaw demonstration
Corey Shidler
Application Engineer II
Corey Schidler is the application engineer for Norgren workholding and was involved in the development of the Adaptix vise jaw system. Corey has 20 years of experience in machining and CNC programming for everything from large carbon fiber booms to small precision medical and aerospace parts. His current role focuses on the use and development of Adaptix products.
Tom Wood
Senior Director, Marketing
Tom Wood is the senior director of marketing at Norgren Workholding (a part of Norgren, Inc.) and has over 30 years of experience in the industrial and automation industry, including with Norgren, Bimba, and GE Fanuc. Tom has an engineering degree from Purdue University with the majority of his career path focusing on solving customer problems and developing solutions.
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