The adoption of thermoplastic composites has proven to be a significant value add in traditional oil and gas operations, including well characterization, drilling, and production and completion operations. As this industry moves to a cleaner future, the innovation and complex problem-solving capabilities of composites offer a distinct advantage over more traditional materials, and are better for the environment. Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Albany, formerly Automated Dynamics, has been an expert in composite parts manufacturing for the past 30 years through automated fiber placement technology. Servicing a wide variety of industries, including traditional oil and gas, we now see a significant shift as the global economy progresses to cleaner and renewable energy sources. In this webinar, they will look at how their composites thought leadership in oil and gas applications is helping to accelerate the movement to clean energy.

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  • Where are Trelleborg's parts used today in oilfield applications?
  • What is the potential to use Trelleborg's expertise in clean energy?
  • Where will Trelleborg's thought leadership be needed in the future of clean energy?
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    Shane Gorman
    Product Sales Engineer
    As product sales engineer, Shane manages product sales and business development in the oilfield and energy markets by assisting customers with new product designs that replace existing materials with lighter, stronger and more durable composites. Shane has a bachelor's degree in physics from SUNY Albany and has worked at TSS Albany for over six years, starting in operations, engineering and now product sales.
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    Seamus Sweeney
    Project Engineer
    Seamus Sweeney started his career with Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Albany in 2016 after receiving his bachelor's degree in physics from SUNY Albany. He began working at TSS Albany as a part of the operations team, then moved into engineering in 2019. As a project engineer, he focuses on providing advanced composite solutions for the oil and gas and energy markets.