About This Webinar
The machine tool industry's answer to clamping workpieces has always been the soft/vise jaw—a "must-have" for any operation. But if you stop to think about it, soft jaws cost time and money to create, set up, change, and store.

What if you could eliminate the time and money spent designing, making, and storing your soft/vise jaws or fixtures within your machine tool?

What if you could also reduce the setup and changeover time required for milling various shaped parts?

What if you had an alternative solution that performed on-par or even better than an aluminum soft jaw in terms of clamping and repeatability?

The Norgren Workholding team has addressed the "what-ifs" listed above. Gone are the days of creating, storing, and searching for existing soft jaws in your facility. Born from Norgren's own workholding needs, learn how you too can improve your own bottom line by saving time, saving money, and getting a grip on the future of workholding.

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  • Review of current, sub-optimal vise workholding environment
  • Introduction of alternative, universal workholding solution
  • Review industry data
  • Demonstrate ROI for alternative workholding solution
Tom Wood
Senior Director, Growth Initiatives
Tom Wood is the Senior Director of Growth Initiatives at Norgren, Inc. and has over 30 years of experience in the industrial and automation industry, including with Norgren, Bimba, and GE Fanuc. Tom has an engineering degree from Purdue University with the majority of his career path focusing on solving customer problems and developing solutions.