To stay ahead of the curve, modern manufacturers need to constantly push the limits of their shop floor operations. But when facing a seemingly limitless list of opportunities for improvement—made longer by extreme competition and the advent of new technologies—it can be difficult to decide where to start and how to maximize your efforts.

Collecting, visualizing and analyzing machine data helps manufacturers prioritize opportunities, quickly solve problems and improve production.

Attend this webinar to hear stories of real manufacturers who leverage machine data to overcome common challenges, enhance production and create a culture of continuous improvement.

MachineMetrics will demonstrate how they have helped real manufacturers improve downtime resolution, run accurate capacity analyses and monitor machines. Webinar attendees will walk away with a clear understanding of their ability to act as a foundation for continuous value creation.

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  • Analyze current trends and challenges in manufacturing
  • Introduce a solution for real-time data collection and visualization
  • Discuss three stories of real manufacturers who used data to reduce downtime, analyze capacity and optimize processes
Matt Bruner
Senior Account Executive
Matt Bruner, a tenured member of the manufacturing industry, is extremely passionate about empowering manufacturers with modern technology and software solutions. In his current role at MachineMetrics, he draws on former experience as a process engineer to help manufacturers successfully gain real-time visibility and improve resource utilization.
Josh Fish
Associate Product Manager
Josh Fish is an experienced customer success professional with a history of success helping manufacturers discover, adopt and use software solutions. His previous positions in milling operations and his degree in management from the Isenberg School of Management enable Josh to connect and easily understand the drives, processes and challenges of MachineMetrics customers.