Recorded Tue, April 13, 2021 2:00 pm (EDT)
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    Hubbard-Hall cleaning experts spend countless hours in the field and understand the cleaning struggles that finishers deal with every day. So, no matter what questions you have—such as how to control cleaning tank parameters like concentration and pH, how different lubes or part geometries impact cleaning efficacy, how to clean specific alloys like aluminum and zinc properly, or countless other cleaning issues— these experts have likely seen and answered it.

    During this webinar, Hubbard-Hall cleaning expert Joshua McClellan will answer the most common cleaning questions from the field and discuss common cleaning myths and mistakes. He will also review the cleaning audit process Hubbard-Hall uses to identify a site's cleaning priorities and hidden issues and optimize their cleaning process. That audit starts with questions for you, such as what you are trying to accomplish and how your process runs.

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    • Answers and recommendations for the most common cleaning questions, myths, and mistakes from the field
    • Overview of the process for identifying your site's cleaning priorities and issues
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