About This Webinar
COVID-19 has provided yet another reminder of the power of the cloud. When the pandemic hit, machine shops running their operations with ERP software in the cloud were able to keep on running. Those using outdated software had to hit the brakes. Join ERP software expert Nancy Brehmer to learn how moving your shop operations to the cloud can prepare you for changes in the economy, natural disasters, new technology, and much more. Nancy will also highlight the key features to look for when selecting cloud technology.

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  • The benefits of running your shop operations in the cloud
  • Leveraging cloud ERP to weather economic, social, and technological changes
  • Key features to look for when evaluating cloud software
Nancy Brehmer
Senior Director of Manufacturing Operations
Having spent more than two decades helping manufacturers improve their operations by deploying and configuring custom ERP solutions, Nancy is a vocal advocate of the needs of KeyedIn Manufacturing customers. As a professional services leader at both Epicor and Insite, Nancy became an expert at matching the capabilities of an ERP system with the unique business requirements of manufacturers. Today, Nancy leverages that unique skill set and experience to help custom manufacturers make a seamless transition from spreadsheets and disconnected tools to a single cloud-based ERP solution.