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A big trend in recent years has been the rapid adoption of mill-turn equipment, such as multi-axis Swiss-type machines and larger multitasking millturn centers. With the done-in-one approach, very complex parts can be produced in a single setup. But many shops are under-utilizing their machines because they can be difficult to program and CAM systems have been slow to support this type of equipment. This forces shops to run higher-lot-quantity jobs on their expensive Swiss and multitasking machines inefficiently, with longer-than-necessary cycle times.

SolidCAM has a solution for this with its intelligent iMachining toolpath generator, which drives and protects even the smallest tools effectively on these advanced mill-turn and Swiss-type CNC machines. The CAM system combines enhanced simulation, advanced multitasking programming, integrated channel-synchronized simulation and state-of-the-art milling capabilities—all integrated into a 3D CAD modeling platform. This enables shops to generate production-ready part programs—with greatly reduced cycle times—much faster and more easily via better management of simultaneous operations and more efficient milling routines.

Dr. Emil Somekh, founder and CEO of SolidCAM, emphasizes that one of the important benefits that SolidCAM provides its users is the ability to run inside the popular CAD systems Solidworks and Autodesk Inventor. This gives shops no-compromise 3D modeling capabilities while eliminating all file transfer issues, which are present when working with standalone CAD and CAM systems. You can work back and forth between design iterations and creating toolpaths with full associativity of the toolpath to the updated design model.

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  • Advanced mill-turn and Swiss trends in modern CNC manufacturing
  • How SolidCAM has evolved integrated CAD/CAM software to provide a CAM solution for all CNCs, including multi-axis, advanced mill-turn and Swiss
  • How iMachining takes milling on these machines to new levels of speed, efficiency and simplified programming
  • SolidCAM's powerful multi-channel sync functionality for advanced CNCs combines visualization with simplified programming for even the most sophisticated CNC machines
  • SolidCAM's new tool management and advanced machine simulation creates the ultimate user experience for CNC programmers
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    Ken Merritt
    Director, Special CAM Projects
    Recognized as one of the best application engineers in CAM, Ken brings high-end technical capability, product innovation as well as exceptional training and support skills. As a CNC trainer and product manager—and having extensive knowledge of how technology is best leveraged in the workplace—Ken has an incredible background and skillset aimed at making SolidCAM customers more successful and more profitable. His many contributions to SolidCAM include collaborative development of associative coordinate systems, template enhancements, hole wizard enhancements and associativity as well as contributions to a revolutionary new tool table that will change the way CNC programmers manage cutters. In addition to being a highly-skilled machinist and programmer, Ken is certified in aircraft engine component welding, has successfully created extremely efficient custom cutting tools (several with patents) and has been in high-end manufacturing for over 30 years.