Learn the benefits of a process-flexible, fast-cure resin system to address challenges with scalability of aerospace composites from prototyping to mass manufacturing. While there are many proven aerospace composite products, most have known drawbacks which inhibit process efficiency and flexibility.

This webinar highlights a resin system with elevated temperature wet (ETW) tension, compression and shear properties that meet or exceed legacy aerospace systems. An additional focus will be a fiber format technology that facilitates ease of manufacturing and prevention of the occurrence of common composite layup defects.

Toray will examine the results of testing performed to characterize the cure quality and performance of the rapid cure prepreg system in process scenarios, such as efficient out-of-autoclave for prototyping and low-volume and equivalent performance in rapid press-curing for high part throughput. These test results are further validated by a part-scale demonstration of the material's handling and processing characteristics in real-world fabrication scenarios.

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  • Common industry challenges of scalability and mass production of composites in aerospace and advanced air mobility (AAM)
  • Resin technology and how it factors into handling, curing and design for manufacturing (DFM)
  • Behavior of prepreg material when switching between process methodologies
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    Adrian Ohlfs
    Technical Service Engineer
    Adrian Ohlfs is a technical service engineer at Toray Composite Materials America, Inc. with over 10 years of experience with composites. As an application support specialist for thermoset prepregs, he works hands-on with customers in aerospace, sports, industrial and automotive segments to solve manufacturing issues. He has experience with aerospace qualifications, composite layup, CFRP automation and cure optimization with a variety of processing methods. His personal focus is to use designed experiments and characterization to merge new material technologies with real-world implementation to promote manufacturing advancements in the industry.
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    Michael Portwood
    Senior Manager, Regional Aerospace Sales
    Michael Portwood has over 30 years of manufacturing experience, 14 years of which are in aerospace composites. He started his career in 1992 working primarily in the metal machining and forming industry with customers such as Ford, GM, Toyota, Chrysler and numerous others. Michael worked for Metalworking Lubricants, Betz Dearborn and Henkel before transitioning to aerospace with Henkel in 2008.

    Michael's experience in the aerospace industry has been focused on technical sales of adhesives, process materials and prepregs to Boeing, GE Aviation, Cirrus and many other OEM, general aviation and AAM customers over the past 14 years.

    Currently, Michael is a senior manager of regional aerospace sales for Toray Composite Materials America, Inc. Toray's global manufacturing base produces a diverse range of high-performance carbon fibers and prepreg materials used for primary structures in aerospace, automotive and industrial applications. Michael has bachelor's degrees in physics and mathematics from Northern Kentucky University.
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