The extrusion of rubber compounds can be challenging for optimizing formulations and processing conditions as it is a multistep process including mixing, milling, extrusion and curing. Replicating this process on a lab scale is a cost-effective way to improve process on a large scale. This webinar will start by exploring how intermeshing and tangential lab scale mixers impact rubber formulations. It will then show how to fine-tune rubber processing parameters and carbon black fill rates at the lab scale. ASTM D2230 will be used to analyze the extrudate. Included will be demonstrations straight from the Brabender virtual laboratory, demonstrating the capabilities needed to optimize rubber processing.

Presented by:

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  • The impact of an intermeshing mixer vs. a tangential mixer on rubber formulations
  • How to best use the Garvey type ASTM extrusion die according to ASTM D2230
  • Fine-tuning process parameters on a lab-scale torque rheometer mixer setup
  • How to determine the optimal fill rate of carbon black in your rubber formulation
Andrew Sell
Laboratory Engineer
Andrew Sell is the laboratory engineer at Brabender. He runs the chemical laboratory and research initiatives within extrusion, mixing and quantitative analysis. His work includes the development of composites materials, mixer testing methods and rubber processing. Andrew has a variety of extrusion experience with composite materials and biopolymers. Andrew has a B.S. in chemical engineering from The Pennsylvania State University, University Park.
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