Leveraging 3D printing for rapid prototyping is an obvious application that most product engineers are familiar with. However, advancements in new materials and design capabilities enable the technology to become a highly-useful tool capable of impacting every stage of the product life cycle. Join Daniel Baker, plastics program manager, for an insightful exploration of how additive manufacturing can optimize your product development and production processes. The webinar dives into viable ways you can leverage additive manufacturing at every stage of the product life cycle with a special focus on automotive examples. Throughout the webinar, Daniel will uncover DFAM principles and real-world examples that help improve part efficiency and unlock cost savings.

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  • Unlock how 3D printing enables rapid product development, better ergonomic tools on the factory floor and on-demand spares and repairs for improved life cycle management
  • Streamline production costs, enhance performance through DFAM and achieve part consolidation for improved efficiency
  • Gain industry-specific examples of how additive manufacturing can optimize each stage of the product life cycle
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    Daniel Baker
    Program Manager - Plastics
    Daniel Baker has spent his career in additive manufacturing and is a passionate believer that these technologies will disrupt and positively impact the future of manufacturing. Baker's experience in contract manufacturing, part identification and process optimization makes him a key component of the Endeavor 3D commitment to quality. Baker is responsible for the plastics program, managing strategy, planning and execution.
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