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A customer just called and asked you to change your production schedule – Now! Normally that means: unscheduled mold change, downtime, and start-up scrap—but it doesn’t have to. In this webinar ENGEL, Stäubli and Roembke Mfg. & Design will discuss their collaboration to make mold changes fast, safe, simple, and painless. Imagine a complete mold change in under 10 minutes with systems that automatically adjust the machine parameters to the new mold via RFID so you can be molding good parts faster at start up. No special training is required to use this practical and affordable mold-change system. With the ENGEL tie-bar-less machine, the mold-change cart can be pushed directly up to the platens, allowing the new tool to be moved into the mounting area with ease. The mold-change cart is also equipped with preheating to cut down on mold heating time. Tune in to listen to the experts describe all of the advantages of this concept. Have a question? We will be glad to answer it during the webinar. Looking forward to having you on October 7th.

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Thu, Oct 7, 2021 · 2:00 PM
Eastern Time (US & Canada)
Duration: 1 hour
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  • Bringing together the machine builder, mold builder, and mold-change cart producer for quick mold changes
  • Perform a mold change with a manually-operated cart system with full accessibility—no crane needed
  • The next mold can be preheating on the card before the change
  • RFID changes the parameters while allowing a safe way to complete a mold change in 10 minutes or less
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