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Out-of-autoclave (OoA) and out-of-oven (OoO) composites fabrication processes are being deployed increasingly in an effort to improve manufacturing operations and reduce costs. Composite materials and part fabrication specifications that require hot debulk or compaction processes are commonly performed in the oven, which can be inefficient and expensive. This webinar will explore new in-situ OoO/OoA heating solutions for debulk, compaction and repair, including heater mats, heater blankets, heated cauls, heated vacuum bags, heated tooling, hot bonders and controllers designed to provide superior heat uniformity, comformability (flexibility, stretch), net-shaped solutions and advanced process controls. These technologies will be highlighted via an F-35 case study that involves the application of heated caul products.

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  • New in-situ OoA/OoO heating technology and products
  • Overview of product innovation: heater mats/blankets, heated cauls for in-situ heated debulk, heated vacuum bags, heated tooling, hot bonders and workstation/console process controller
  • Case study: F-35 use case of VeeloHEAT caul that saves time and money
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