Learn about how poor material handling methods impact the quality of recycled plastics and how to fix the problem.
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Mechanical recycling processes require specialized equipment like grinders, wash lines, dryers, and sorters. More often than not, little thought is given to the material handling steps that connect all of that equipment in a recycling plant. Just like the rest of the plant, there are specific ways of moving flake and other regrind around your plant. Using the wrong material handling technologies, such as those that were developed for pellet material, will usually result in poor product quality and unreliable system performance. Learn about the special techniques and components used by Pelletron in recycling plants all over the world.

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  • Examples of poor material handling methods and the consequences
  • Good material handling methods
  • Other ways to improve the quality of regrind and flake
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    Joe Lutz
    Director, Sales & Marketing
    Joe Lutz is the Director of Sales & Marketing for Pelletron Corp. He has 15 years of technical experience developing bulk material-handling solutions for the plastics industry. His career at Pelletron began in R&D, where he learned the ins and outs of pneumatic conveying in the test lab. Lutz has also commissioned numerous pneumatic-conveying systems all over the world and earned three patents for new products.