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Additive manufacturing (AM) has seen growth in aerospace applications ranging from topology-optimized parts for weight reduction to consolidation of complex multi-part assembly. However, the transition from prototyping to small-scale production is slow due to reproducibility, which further adds to the time and cost of aerospace-qualified materials and print recipes.

Zeiss AM Solutions provides a comprehensive workflow to address quality at each stage of AM: from the qualification of incoming raw materials, to in-process feedback during printing, to the final qualification of the finished parts. This unlocks the correlation between the process controls and their affect on porosity and crack formation, dimensional tolerances, surface roughness and even microstructure control. The versatility of Zeiss' workflow enables a closed-loop solution to identify, isolate and mitigate quality challenges, thus reducing the development and qualification cost of AM parts in the aerospace industry. Zeiss AM Solutions will help in accelerating production of critical aerospace parts using additive manufacturing.

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  • Accelerated identification and mitigation of key parameters affecting quality
  • Multi-length scale porosity and defect detection
  • Use of X-ray CT beyond just non-destructive testing (NDT)
  • Use case of Zeiss AM Solutions in development of heat exchanger and novel turbine blade
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    Pradeep Bhattad
    Business Development Manager
    Pradeep Bhattad works for the Zeiss Industrial Quality Solutions division focusing on quality-related issues in additive manufacturing. He received his Ph.D. in chemical engineering from Louisiana State University and for the past 14 years has worked on the development and implementation of correlative imaging (CT, SEM, optical, etc.) and analysis in additive manufacturing and the oil and gas industry. His current work, in collaboration with Oak Ridge National Lab, focuses on fast and comprehensive production and inspection workflow using a feedback loop to accelerate the path from concept to production for metal powder bed additive manufacturing.