Recorded Tue, September 14, 2021 2:02 pm (EDT)
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    Traditionally manufacturers have lacked insight into accurate tool wear and tool life data. This has resulted in one of two major costs: (1) Machine tool failures, resulting in scrap parts or (2) Running tools to only 50-80% of their life, resulting in higher tooling costs.

    When tools break, it can be costly. A tool can become damaged yet still make parts that seem to spec, but those parts often end up getting scrapped. Subtle anomalies in machine load, torque, acceleration and spindle speed can cause parts to be made outside of required tolerances. All of these issues can cost you precious time and money.

    Fear not! Tool monitoring systems like MachineMetrics can maximize your investment in tooling by optimizing tool life and preventing scrap parts due to tool wear and tool failure. Their cutting edge technology enables manufacturers to diagnose, predict, and automatically prevent the machine tool failures that lead to broken tools, scrap parts, quality issues, and costly downtime. The best part? No external sensor installations

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    • Minimizing Scrap: stopping the machine before it wastes material creating bad parts, because compromised tools can be detected through a spike in load
    • Preventing Tool Failure: detect when initial stress fractures are occurring in tools, and alert the operator to take them out of commission before it gets worse.
    • Alerting of quality issues: When tools are compromised, they don’t do their job right. Reduce bad finishes and incomplete cuts with tool chatter detection
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