Motorsport demands high performance and lightweight materials. Historically, this has resulted in carbon fiber composites being the go-to choice.

Now though, new materials are emerging, which offer both enhanced performance and reduced environmental impact.

Driven by a combination of forthcoming regulatory changes and race teams increasing recognition of their own environmental responsibilities, interest in these sustainable composites materials is growing rapidly.

In this webinar, Composites Evolution will draw upon their extensive experience in the development and production of high-performance composites to explore the benefits on offer from sustainable composites, and highlight current and emerging applications within the motorsport sector.

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  • Natural fiber composites
  • Bio-based resins
  • Example applications
Dr. Ben Hargreaves
Sales and Marketing Director
Ben joined Composites Evolution in 2019. He has a background spanning composite materials R&D (largely focused on nanocomposites), technical & market consultancy and sales & marketing. He holds a degree and PhD in Chemistry - both obtained from the University of Sheffield, UK - and an MBA from The Open University, UK.