Decisions made long before the first molds are cut have significant implications on the quality and reliability of the final welded assembly. Learning how to select the appropriate joint design for your ultrasonic welding assembly is the key to success. This webinar explains the fundamentals of ultrasonic joint designs, best practices in selection of joint design for your applications and how material selection impacts joint design decisions. Engineers, designers and manufacturing leads will learn how to avoid common pitfalls in designing ultrasonic joints and strategies to mitigate these issues. A successful ultrasonic weld begins with selecting the correct joint design.
  • Fundamentals of ultrasonic joint designs
  • Best practices in selecting the appropriate joint design based on the assembly requirement
  • Impact of material selection on determining the joint design
  • How to avoid common pitfalls in designing ultrasonic joints
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    Senior Applications Engineer
    David Cermak has dealt with thousands of ultrasonic welding applications solutions. He had successfully executed ultrasonic welding projects from conception to full production for applications from medical, automotive, electronics and other industries. He is an industry expert and well-known for providing part and design consultations to the plastics industry.