When it comes to designing composite structures, understanding the material and consequently laminate behavior is paramount. The HyperWorks Integrated Composite Stress Toolbox can be your enabler. Benefit from a collection of classic composites calculations spanning from laminate stiffness to load-bearing capability. Capitalize on a vast set of first ply failure methods already built in and leverage them for advanced post-processing of composite structures.

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André Mönicke
Product Manager - Composite Technology
André Mönicke is a program manager on the Composite Solutions team at Altair Engineering GmbH. He graduated from Dresden University of Technology as Dipl.-Ing. in mechanical engineering and a major in aerospace in 2008. Subsequently, he has worked as an engineering consultant at Componeering Inc., the original developers of ESAComp software for the analysis and design of composite structures, where he concentrated on ESAComp development and composites optimization. In 2017, he joined Altair as a program manager for ESAComp and took his current role in 2019, focusing on the Integrated Composite Stress Toolbox and design certification workflows as well as draping simulation.
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