Recorded Wed, August 4, 2021 11:00 am (EDT)
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    Manufacturers are adopting closed molding composite processes for benefits such as reduced waste, lower emissions, and to achieve consistency and repeatability. With so many processes and options, identifying and implementing the right method can seem daunting. Magnum Venus Products (MVP), a global provider of fluid movement and production solutions, has been a leader in closed molding technology since its inception. With equipment, accessories, and years of knowledge and experience working with manufacturers, MVP offers comprehensive solutions and support for closed molding.

    In this webinar, MVP technical experts will evaluate a variety of methods including Light RTM, Infusion, Flex Molding Process, and the latest technology called Fast Flow LRTM. Attendees will learn an overview of each process, where processes are most effective, and tips and tricks for optimizing efficiency.

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    [Magnum Venus Products]"
  • Agenda
    • Basic overview of closed molding processes and where they are most effective including Light RTM, Infusion, Flex Molding Process and Fast Flow LRTM
    • What to consider when evaluating production and process needs
    • Tips and tricks from closed mold specialists
    • How to utilize new technology and automation to increase efficiency
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