About this Webinar
Plastics manufacturers must meet ever-increasing quality standards and timings. Their parts often need to withstand frequent mechanical stress in daily use or fulfill small tolerances. However, producing high-quality plastic parts is very complex and depends on many influential factors: from the injection mold and various process parameters to the type of plastic used.

This is why several defects and deformations may occur, both on the surface and inside parts. In this webinar, ZEISS will show you how computed tomography (CT) can contribute to higher-quality plastic parts and faster quality assurance processes.

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  • • Discover the advantages and possibilities of CT technology to perform fast, exact measurements and inspections
  • • See how it works in a live demo in the GOM Volume Inspect software
  • • Find out more about the X-ray solutions from ZEISS to improve the quality of your plastic parts and to accelerate your quality assurance processes
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    Kevin Legacy
    Director, X-Ray Solutions
    Kevin Legacy is a mechanical engineer and director of the X-Ray Solutions Business Unit at ZEISS Industrial Quality Solutions. He's been with ZEISS for 23 years and has a 30-year career in metrology.