About This Webinar
Does your toolroom have a Reactive, Basic, Average, Best Practice or World Class culture when it comes to collecting and using Industry 4.0-type mold maintenance documentation? Steve Johnson and Glenn Keith of MoldTrax will help you answer that question. This duo will tag team to not only review the changing mold maintenance landscape, explain the importance of a 4.0 culture, break down the 8 factors of mold performance, provide examples of “futile” work order systems and why they don’t work, instruct how to create standard terms and use them in your current ERP system, they will also deliver a test to each attendee upon registration to be explained and taken during this presentation. When completed, the 5 scoring ranges (Reactive, Basic, Average, Best Practice and World Class) will be displayed on screen, so attendees can see where their toolrooms place on the scorecard. Steve and Glenn will then walk attendees through the industry’s average mold maintenance score and open the discussion up for Q&A.

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  • The importance of moving to a 4.0 maintenance culture for OEMs, molders, tool designers and builders, toolroom managers and repair technicians
  • The 8 factors of better mold performance
  • The value of shop floor language standardization and how to take the first step
Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson is the President of MoldTrax Maintenance Solutions, a provider of maintenance training products and services. With 40 years of experience in the tooling industry, including eight years as senior tooling engineer for Abbott Laboratories/Hospira and 24 years as a toolmaker at Calmar Inc., repairing and rebuilding high cavitation close-tolerance multi-cavity molds. Prior to Calmar, Steve served six years in the U.S. Navy working as a jet mechanic on the A4L Sky-hawk, and majored in mechanical engineering at Southern State University. He has also designed and developed MoldTrax, a leading documentation software system for tracking mold performance and maintenance, and author’s many articles for plastics industry magazines.
Glenn Keith
Training and Assessment Manager
Glenn Keith has 35 years of experience in mold maintenance, including a four-year apprenticeship, then 15 years as a repair technician repairing and rebuilding blow molds, injection molds and various hot runner systems for the automotive, caps and closures and packaging industry at Whirley Drinkworks, Erie Plastics and Loranger Manufacturing. He then moved into management where he supervised the mold repair area for 16 years. Today Glenn is a training and assessment manager for MoldTrax LLC where he conducts Maintenance Capability Assessments for companies around the world and also trains on the implementation and use of the MoldTrax maintenance software—MTWEB.