Studies show that the metal finishing industry is spending $276 billion per year addressing corrosion. Conditions in warmer climates are optimal for high-humidity corrosion. Protecting your parts begins with improving your process. Finished parts represent a significant dollar investment whether they are sitting in inventory on a shelf on waiting for the next metal finishing process. Using the right chemistry to prevent rust and corrosion will extend shelf life and reduce costs incurred by re-work.

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  • How companies like yours can benefit from better corrosion protection
  • What can be implemented into your current process for longer-lasting protection
  • How you can use biodegradable, water-miscible products
  • How to save costs by eliminating re-processing and minimize chemical use
Connor Callais
Technical Applications Specialist
Connor joined Hubbard-Hall as an application specialist in 2019. He is a graduate of Wofford College with a bachelor's degree in applied mathematics. Connor spent a year at the University of South Carolina studying physical chemistry and in research working with synthetic techniques for RAFT polymerization of nanocomposites. Connor enjoys working with a variety of applications including metal coloring, pre-treatment, corrosion protection and aqueous cleaning.
Larry Ensley
Director of Technical Applications
Larry is a graduate of North Greenville University and oversees Hubbard Hall's technical service team and lab operations. He has extensive experience in the chemical industry and has been with the organization for almost 30 years, successfully guiding his technical team. Larry is the acting product manager for AquaStrip and MetalGuard product lines.
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