Injection mold toolmakers and part producers are demanding new cost-efficient solutions from their tooling. Margin erosion, planning security, higher productivity, time pressures for the construction of the mold, alongside increasing costs are some of the daily challenges Agathon's customers deal with. Learn how Agathon's guiding and centering solutions and market-proven tool concepts allow you to increase productivity and planning reliability while helping to reduce costs. Their customers experience a higher level of part quality, which remains consistent over longer periods of time and considerably reduces maintenance costs. Customers appreciate the value-added solutions of higher quality tools.

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  • New Guiding System Plus - long-lasting reliability for reduced cost
  • Fine centering systems - Mini & Plus - trusted alternatives with the Plus
  • Ejector guiding - the often-forgotten place to save money
  • Customized solutions - tailor-made solutions for your highest demands
Christoph Meier
Engineering Manager - Special Project Applications
Christoph attended the University of Applied Sciences BFH Burgdorf, Switzerland. After graduating as a Mechanical Engineer he grasped the opportunity to live and work in Spain for Caterpillar Inc. as a member of the Dealer Advisory Group. In 2010, he returned to Switzerland to work at Agathon AG where he has acquired a broad, well-founded knowledge in the fields of mold tooling and stamp tooling construction, enhancing his mechanical engineering skills in both the technical and commercial fields. He educates many individuals and companies worldwide on the proper design and use of all Agathon's most complex components.