About this Webinar
Leading manufacturers are supercharging their pace of innovation by taking advantage of design exploration through the use of generative design. This technology advantage is enabling them to identify manufacturability issues early in the product design process and optimize designs for manufacturability cost and performance capabilities. In this session, learn how Autodesk is enabling manufacturers to compete more effectively and enhance productivity of design, engineering and manufacturing teams through the use of generative design technology.
  • • How generative design can help with decision-making and tradeoff analysis
  • • How customers are using next-generation technologies to understand manufacturability and cost impacts
  • • Methodologies to enhance and increase productivity for demanding engineering and design applications
  • • How to compare design alternatives and identify potential manufacturing savings
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    Brian Frank
    Senior Product Manager
    Brian M. Frank is the senior product line manager for generative design and simulation solutions at Autodesk. Brian has held various roles within Autodesk since joining in 2008 and currently leads the product management initiatives for generative design in Fusion 360. Prior to joining Autodesk, Brian served as a senior project engineer at a façade systems company in New York and previously served as project architect with firms in the Baltimore and New York metropolitan markets.
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    Mike Smell
    Senior Product Manager
    Mike is the senior product manager on the Fusion 360 team and is currently focused on generative design. Mike has spent nearly 15 years in the CAD and CAE industry, starting his career at Algor, Inc. in 2006 and eventually being acquired by Autodesk in 2009. Mike holds a B.S. in mechanical engineering from Pennsylvania State University and an M.S. in mechanical engineering from the University of Pittsburgh.